Our Company

Rockwood is a third generation family business with a foundation in mortarless concrete manufacturing and construction dating back to 1914. From agriculture silos to hardscapes to concrete veneer, slope control and outdoor living kits, Rockwood is recognized as an innovator of attractive, high-quality landscape construction materials.

Our products are produced by licensed manufacturers and are distributed in over 45 U.S. States, across 17 Countries, and on 5 continents. All Rockwood Licensed Manufacturers are required to meet critical standards for block quality and physical tolerances.

A Better Way™

What is "A Better Way™"?

It's about quality, innovative thinking, and meticulous attention to detail. It's about being better than you have to be and better than expected. It's about appearance, dependability, and efficiency.


Every project is different. That's why we offer a wide selection of options for any landscape development. From multiple fascia styles, variable setbacks, unit interchangeability and the sharpest radius turns, Rockwood products are designed to give you endless design flexibility. Our versatile product range also makes it easy to match an existing style or wall type. Whether you're adding on or starting fresh, Rockwood has an option that's perfect for your project. So bring your imagination, you'll be happy you did.


Where's the Connection? Pins and clips sound good in theory, but many times they are left out due to clogged holes or oversight. Rockwood's connection is built in, due to the integral Anchor Bar, ensuring proper alignment and precise set-back. Plus, Vertical Stone Columns are a fundamental aspect of the Rockwood system. Filled with jagged stone, the stone columns unify the grid, backfill, and Rockwood units into one integrated structural design. It's no wonder Rockwood has the highest block to block shear strength in the industry.


"One Unit" construction is a central element of Rockwood's superior design - no special units are required (corners, half block, etc.), no special inventories are needed, and no shortages occur on job sites. Plus, the unique shape of Rockwood products provides more square feet per pound, reducing shipping costs and making handling easy. Speeding installation, eliminating guesswork and reducing labor costs is all part of the Rockwood system.

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